Check out the program for the 24th International Coffee Seminar

Check out the program for the 24th International Coffee Seminar

The event is scheduled for May 21, 22 and 23, at the Blue Med Convention Center, in Santos/SP, and will feature renowned names from the coffee scene

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The Santos Trade Association (ACS) has decided on the final details of the program for the 24th edition of the International Coffee Seminar. First of all, the event will be held on May 21, 22 and 23. In principle, it will be held at the Blue Med Convention Center in Santos/SP. The forum will feature renowned international names on the panels. As published in Gazeta da Semana.

Among the subjects to be addressed, the current market will be debated in the CEO panel. That is, executives Teddy Esteve from the Ecom Group, Ben Clarkson from the Louis Dreyfus Company and Trishul Mandana from Volcafé. They will assess whether the surplus from this year’s harvest will be enough to meet world demand. Carlos Augusto Rodrigues de Melo, president of Cooxupé, the sector’s largest cooperative, will mediate.

International Coffee Seminar

As well as debating the present, the seminar will also talk about the future of caffeine, which continues to take on different forms of consumption. Giuseppe Lavazza, chairman of Lavazza, an Italian company considered one of the largest in Europe, will speak about this. Cyrille Jannet, from the American company Keurig Trading, and Francisco Gómez, CEO of Colcafé’s coffee division. Which is linked to the largest food company in Latin America.

These experts, who work in different markets around the world, will be responsible for analyzing the development of alternative ways of using coffee for a wide variety of locations and cultures. Of course, they will also mention current formats, such as conventional coffee, capsules, soluble coffee and the like.

Carlos Santana Júnior will be mediating this important panel. He is commercial director of Empresa Interagrícola S/A (EISA) and vice-president of the Commercial Association of Santos.

The environment

In addition to market-related issues, care for the environment will feature prominently in the program. One of the highlights, therefore, will be the participation of the executive director of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), Vanusia Nogueira. She is the first woman to hold the position in the organization. She will talk about sustainability in coffee and the circular economy. As well as financing mechanisms for producers.

In the Regulatory/ESG panel, mediated by Marcos Matos, CEO of the Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council (Cecafé), the world’s main associations will be present. For example, the British and Swiss, focusing on the new flow of global trade in times of ESG. It will also involve standards and good practices in environmental and social sustainability and corporate governance.

The debate also includes new regulations, considering the impact of legislation on the flow of coffee and the way it is marketed. The main point is the European Union Deforestation-Free Regulation (EUDR). From 2025, every product entering European territory will have to have proof that it comes from an area that has not been deforested. Finally, the speakers will consider how prepared Brazil is for this challenge.


Above all, the use of technology to help with all this will also feature in the program. In the Innovation panel, experts will reflect on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in agriculture. In this way, judging how the new systems can help agricultural production and research.

In particular, the panelists will be Francisco Jardim, co-founder and managing partner of the SP Ventures (SPV) investment fund, which focuses on agribusiness. Leandro Carrion, from John Deere, the world’s largest agricultural machinery company. And Cleiton Vargas, from Yara, the world’s largest fertilizer company; Marcelo Batista, from BASF, a pesticide company. Finally, Mariana Caetano, CEO and founding partner of Salva, will mediate the conversation.

Other topics

In short, there will be a panel focused on marketing. In it, Hugo Rodrigues, an advertising executive from Santos who chairs McCann Worldgroup, will talk about the strength of Brazilian coffee. And the importance of strengthening and further exploiting the image of Brazilian coffee in the world. In conclusion, the country is the largest exporter on the planet, accounting for up to 35% of the beverage’s supply.

The audience will also hear Ricardo Amorim, considered by Forbes Magazine to be the most influential economist in Brazil. One of the biggest Latin American influencers on LinkedIn and winner of the iBest Award for Best Brazilian Content in Economics and Business, he will address the economic issues that can influence the market for this very important commodity in our market.

In summary, the event features a panel focusing on infrastructure and the impacts on cargo handling through the Port of Santos. This port ships around 80% of the coffee exported by Brazil.

On this occasion, Mauro Sammarco, president of the Santos Trade Association, will mediate the conversation between Mariana Pescatori, Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Ports and Airports. Anderson Pomini, President of the Santos Port Authority. Eduardo Nery, Director General of the National Waterway Transportation Agency (ANTAQ). Elber Justo, CEO of MSC and Ronald Pires de Moraes, manager of Cooxupé.

The Seminar

According to Felipe Drumond, a member of the event’s Content Committee, the entire program of lectures was designed to show the current scenarios and their challenges. As well as pointing out the best ways for the sector to take advantage of all the opportunities that will arise.

“As well as plenty of content, the event provides networking moments. Our aim is for the meetings and visits that make up the schedule to enable new business deals and partnerships to be struck during the Seminar,” he concludes.

Those interested in taking part in the International Coffee Seminar should visit. This is where you can register. The link also provides more information about the event.

The Seminar has been taking place since 1972 and has always been held in Guarujá, with the exception of this year’s forum. First and foremost, the aim of this biennial business meeting, recognized as the most traditional in the coffee sector, is to promote interaction between professionals and executives in the sector. This allows them to exchange experiences and establish business partnerships.

Organized by the ACS, with the support of various entities in the sector and the direct involvement of the Coffee Committee, the event will bring together specialists, producers, researchers, exporters, buyers, industry representatives and authorities.

In conclusion, the 24th International Coffee Seminar is sponsored by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil). In addition to MSC, Stonex, Serasa Experian, Nucoffee, Agridrones, Cooxupé, TPJ and Sucafina.