<strong>Cooxupé’s FEMAGRI fair to be presential in 2023</strong>

Cooxupé’s FEMAGRI fair to be presential in 2023

The co-op’s annual fair of machines and ag inputs – FEMAGRI - will be held February 8 to 10, in Guaxupé, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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After two editions in virtual environment, FEMAGRI – Cooxupé’s Fair of Machines, Implements and ag Inputs – is back on-site in 2023. The event, one the largest of the sector in Brazil, will be held in February 8 to 10, in the town of Guaxupé MG.

In fact, the Fair is celebrated for putting the farmers in touch with new technologies and the most important providers for the coffee sector. It is a reunion of co-op’s members seeking for better productivity and higher quality for their crops.

FEMAGRI 2023 brings the theme: Cooxupé – Solution and Safety for the Members.

“The main objective is to disseminate themes and solutions towards conscious use of inputs, and also services that enable further sustainability in the farms.”

José Eduardo dos Santos Júnior – Cooxupé’s Superintendent for Development of Members


The return in presential mode brings new opportunities for sharing knowledge and changing experiences.

“We have such a positive expectation. Virtual editions of the Fair have surprised us in a very positive way. However, our objective is to focus delivering the Fair well structured. We want the members to interact and share the opportunity.” Carlos Augusto Rodrigues de Melo – Cooxupé’s President Director

Melo remarks that one of the highest points of the event is Fazendinha (little farm). “This is the space where the family Cooxupé meets. With activities and highly relevant information for the development of farms through good agricultural practices,” he says.

In addition, several services and novelties will be presented in the coming edition of FEMAGRI. For example: the Livestock Space; the addition of harvester-machines in Cooxupé’s portpholio; projects for photovoltaic power plants; barter operations; projects for water potability analysis; partnership for agricultural insurance; soil and leaf analysis lab; the participation of SMC (Cooxupé’s specialty coffee enterprise) and dozens of companies that will offer the members the best opportunities for businesses.

Feira do Cerrado

In the same direction, members from Cerrado Mineiro will have the same opportunities. FEIRA do CERRADO, another fair, with the same rich content, will be held March 15 and 16, in Monte Carmelo.