2022 Coffee production area in Brazil is 1.82 mln ha

2022 Coffee production area in Brazil is 1.82 mln ha

Arabica Coffee represents 79% of total coffee production, and Canephora (Robusta and Conillon), 21%. Comparing to 2021 crop, the area grew up only 0.6%.

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Brazilian 2022 coffee production is expected to reach 55.74 mln 60 Kg bags, according to an estimate of Brazilian Company of Agricultural Research (EMBRAPA), found in the Executive Summary of Coffee, released by the State Bureau of Agricultural Policy (SPA), under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA). This scenario is composed by 38.7 mln bags of Arabica, and 16.96 mln bags of Robusta and Conillon.

Comparing to 2021 crop, the current 1.8 mln ha of coffee planted area represent a slight increase of 0.6%. In the same comparison, productivity grew up from 26.4 to 30.6 bags/ha, which means plus 16.1%, headed mainly by Arabica crops.

Arabica crops also represent a greater portion of total production area. It is 1.43 mln ha of Arabica (79%), against 338,190 ha of Canephora (21%).

Therefore, comparing to total world coffee production for the same species, estimated 2022 Brazilian Arabica production of 38.78 mln bags (60 Kg) amounts to 39 %. Meanwhile, Canephora crops, calculated to 16.96 mln bags represent 24% in the same comparison.