Cooxupé inaugurates photovoltaic plant to generate solar energy

Cooxupé inaugurates photovoltaic plant to generate solar energy

With its new project, the coffee cooperative now produces clean energy to supply most of its units located in Minas Gerais

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Always concerned with sustainability in all sectors of production, the Regional Coffee Growers’ Cooperative in Guaxupé has inaugurated and already put into operation its own photovoltaic plant. With this major project, Cooxupé is now generating solar energy. In other words, a clean source that will supply most of its units located in Minas Gerais.

Photovoltaic plant

With this investment, the cooperative now has 12% of its energy generated from solar energy (photovoltaic). In addition to 86% of its energy coming from hydroelectric plants and other renewable sources (purchased from the free market, which meets the high demand from Cooxupé’s industries). The remaining 2% is purchased from CPFL, CEMIG and Energisa.

“This project is a continuation of Cooxupé’s constant quest to respect the environment, use renewable resources and optimize costs with energy efficiency. The photovoltaic plant is another step by our cooperative on the road to sustainability,” says Cooxupé’s president, Carlos Augusto Rodrigues de Melo.


In all, the plant has 3,288 photovoltaic panels, which will produce an average of 178,000 kW/month. This means an average of 2,136,000 kW/year. In this sense, the Cooxupé plant has a power of 1,496.04 kWp.

In addition, the entire structure is on the ground, which makes it much easier to clean and monitor. And as well as its maintenance.

“It’s no use just saying that we’re concerned about sustainability. Our goal is to act effectively so that the processes within the cooperative generate beneficial results for the environment and society as a whole,” Carlos Augusto concludes.