Brazilian Coffee Industry Association releases data on coffee consumption in Brazil

Brazilian Coffee Industry Association releases data on coffee consumption in Brazil

In 2023, the purchase of the product in the country increased by 1.64%, while per capita consumption increased by 7.47%

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On February 1st, the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association (ABIC) released data that reinforces the role of coffee as an extremely important food for Brazilians. And, above all, for the national industry. According to the organization, 21.7 million bags were consumed in 2023 in the country. In other words, the numbers show that coffee consumption in Brazil between November 2022 and October 2023 increased by 1.64%. This, in comparison to the previous period, considering data from November 2021 to October 2022.

This volume represents 39.4% of the 2023 harvest, which was 55.07 million bags, according to National Supply Company -Conab-. This keeps Brazil as the largest consumer of national coffees. In the previous period, the volume consumed in the country represented 41.9% of the harvest, which was 50.9 million bags.

Coffee consumption in Brazil

In addition to consumption of the product continuing its pace with a slight increase (1.64%), the associated industries also showed growth of 2.25%.

Brazil has now maintained its position as the world’s second largest coffee consumer. The difference with first place, held by the United States, is 5.2 million bags. If we compare Brazil’s per capita consumption with the US (4.9 kg.inhab.year), for example, the Brazilian figure is higher.

Next, per capita consumption in the country between November 2022 and October 2023 was 6.40 kg per year of raw coffee. And 5.12 kg per year of roasted and ground coffee, an increase of 7.47% compared to the same period last year. This is justified, therefore, by the IBGE’s population base.

Regional figures

Regarding regional consumption, the Southeast region accounts for 41.8% of the national total. The Northeast accounts for 26.9% and the South for 14.7%. The North region accounts for 8.6% and the Midwest for 8.0%.

Currently, ABIC’s member industries account for 71.1% of the production of roasted coffee beans and/or ground coffee. They also account for 86.5% of the supermarket retail market share. As a result, ABIC has 2,937 certified products in its database.