Vice-presidente da Cooxupé

Cooperativism: how it affects the life of a coffee grower

Cooxupé’s Vice-president Director, celebrates cooperativism and links its importance for life quality and development of members.

Cooperativism is celebrated every July 3rd, the International Day of Cooperatives. It is a very special day for those who have chosen to live the philosophy of cooperativism.

The Brazilian Organization of Cooperatives states that cooperativism is far beyond a business model. Otherwise, it changes the world into a fancier, happier and more balanced place, and with better opportunities to all persons. The union between individual and collective.

Amidst all possibilities, opportunity is what catches my eyes. In fact, cooperative system enables producers to access better life conditions, as well as greater profitability and progress.

We breath cooperativism. Cooxupé’s Board is committed to changing lives of over 18 thousand members that grow coffee in South, Cerrado and Matas in Minas Gerais State, and Média Mogiana in São Paulo State. Regarding such universe, more than 97% of the members are family farmers and small growers that represent, in an outstanding way, the power of family farming for the economy.

All the members are leading actors in the history of Cooxupé. For 90 years the cooperative has been seriously playing its role in Brazilian cooperativism. All of our members, from the small to the big producers, have the feeling of belonging, and they actually know that the cooperative is owned by them.

By these means, everyone finds opportunities to participate in the good moments of coffee market, and to step back when prices are not attractive. They know they can make use of the whole structure provided by the cooperative, from transportation to warehousing and exportation of their production.

Moreover, Cooxupé has a team of experienced professionals that positively impact coffee farming for each member. The support is performed in different sectors: agronomical development with technical assistance at farm level; increase in quality with classification labs; laboratory for analyses of soil and plant tissue that lead to rational use of ag inputs; ESG department that plays a key role in enforcing sustainable actions for the co-op might stand as a reference for both consumers and market.

Cooxupé encourages and supports its members to enter the market of specialty coffees, and to participate in certification programs. While meeting market, social and environmental demands, the coffee growers improve their profitability and become more competitive. In addition, the cooperative maintains partnerships with important institutions to promote courses in order to enlarge its members’ knowledge. Cooperativism and education walk hand-in-hand.

Therefore, the cooperative system provides numerous possibilities for members to enhance their livelihoods and coffee farming activities. And we do live such experiences at Cooxupé. The associated coffee growers are our main focus. By them we can cooperate, move forward, and stand as a trustworthy cooperative.

Yet such advance isn’t ´produced outside the farm gate. We believe that our trajectory is respected in the international market due to our continuous prioritization to members’ farms, promoting capacitation, innovation, and development.

Cooperativism is the core of our activity. As well as coffee is our passion. We are part of more than 1 billion people who have chosen to be cooperative. Together, we Search for cooperation, balance, and, above all, economic, social and transformation in our communities, by means of education and co-op principles, namely: respect to human values.

Congratulations cooperativism!