Cooxupé: steady and competitive through ESG practices

Cooxupé: steady and competitive through ESG practices

The Cooperative is highest-scored in Brazilian rank for its management sustainable practices in order to guarantee better future to its co-op members

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Whereas practices aimed to sustainability, social responsibility and governance have been more and more important for companies, the global market has been analyzing the best sustainable parameters and considering them as pillars while evaluating business management.

A term first noted some 15 years ago has been applied to define such practices, and it currently gains strength in the agenda and strategic planning of organizations: ESG -Environmental, Social and Governance.

Cooxupé – Cooperativa Regional de Cafeicultores em Guaxupé – has been into operation for 90 years. It is traditional, a reference in the universe of coffee farming. Its greatness is represented through its hall of about 17 thousand members, in South and Cerrado regions in Minas Gerais State, as well as in Mogiana region in the State of São Paulo.

ESG practices

ESG practices are part of Cooxupé’s strategic planning, moving towards a better future for either the co-op and its associated coffee producers.

As we do realize the importance of ESG, we ensure our members that such practices have already been implemented at Cooxupé. The Cooperative analyzes its parameters and actions to be continuously healthier and more competitive while playing its role in the challenging and dynamic coffee market.

Such position brings us steadiness with recognized credibility, because we are deeply committed, as a co-op, with social, environmental and economic sustainability.

As an example, we carry out monthly meetings with the members our Fiscal and Administrative boards (composed by co-op members), where we evaluate, set directions, and assess Cooxupé’s economic and financial activities.

It is also important to remember that ESG practices drive organizations towards new management models and parameters for analyses. This is due to the fact that profitability is no longer the only priority of companies. They have recently been committed to carrying on good practices and to sustainability, as well as Cooxupé does.