Shipments of coffee from Brazil totalized 36,16 million bags over 12 months

Shipments of coffee from Brazil totalized 36,16 million bags over 12 months

Sales to the exterior generated US$ 8,29 billion with average price of 229,26 per 60 kg (132lbs) bag in the period of June 2022 to May of 2023

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The total physical volume of the coffee shipments from Brazil, over 12 months, between June 2022 to May 2023, reached the equivalent of 36,16 million 60 kg (132lbs) coffee bags. Beforehand, each bag was sold to the importing countries for the average price of US$ 229,26 per unit.

Above all else, the information came from “Observatório do Café” (Coffee Observatory).


In that sense, is worth mention that, of the total of Brazilian coffee shipped, 32,34 million 60kg bags were of green coffee. Which 30,96 million bags were coffea arabica species, volume that corresponds 85,6% of the total bought by the importers.

Besides 1,38 million of bags of the coffea canephora (robusta + conilon), volume that equals 3,8% these sales. This way, as it turns out, the shipments of green coffee equal 89,4% of the total over 12 months.

Industrialized coffee

Over the same period was exported the equivalent in physical volume of 3,82 million of 60 kg (132lbs) of industrialized coffee. In other words, a total that corresponds to 10,6% of the overall volume exported.

Being 3,77 million soluble coffee bags (10,4%) more than 47,98 thousand are grinded and toasted coffee bags, which equals only 0,1% of the total of the product industrialized. In the end, complementing the shipment performance data of the “Cafés do Brasil”, between January to May of 2023, notice that were shipped 13,57 million 60kg coffee bags. Such exchange income reached the value of US$ 2,95 billion, with average price of US$ 217,84 per 60kg bag.