How to prepare the perfect coffee?

How to prepare the perfect coffee?

Take note of the hints to experience the perfect coffee.

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The classic daily coffee is crucial for Brazilian people, as for so many around the world. Whether in the morning to boost the day, or in the afternoon to tackle the post-lunch laziness. However, coffee is always welcome. Knowing that, we bring this article from Guia da Cozinha on how to prepare the perfect coffee. Enjoy it!

Yes, step-by-step for traditional coffee is too easy. But some hints and tricks may enhance quality and taste. Read the following Q&A and have the perfect coffee:

How to choose the perfect coffee?

The first step for the perfect coffee is choosing the one that better matches your preferences. For this purpose, you have to look at the label and know what the specifications mean. Thus, the best way to choose coffee is by punctuation. This is the major indicator of quality. Specialty coffees score 80 points or higher.

It is also possible to choose coffee by its taste! The intensity of roasting determines how intense or bitter the coffee is. It might be light, medium or dark roast. The darker the bitter. In Brazil it is featured as “Mild”, “Strong” or “Extra Strong”.

Which is better: ground or whole beans?

Give preference to whole beans. Grinding coffee just before brewing preserves most of its sensorial and nutritional features. On the other hand, hole beans require the right tools, and it will take a little longer to prepare.

From the very moment it is ground, coffee starts to lose some sensory and nutritional attributes. There is a list of nutritional benefits in the whole beans which may be slightly less effective when the choice is for ground coffee.

Does the filter matter?

Yes. The smallest details make the difference for the perfect coffee! The filter retains essential oils, diminishing its functional properties. So, preparing your coffee in the press or espresso machine would be a healthier option because it preserves such oils.

Hints for the perfect coffee

During preparation, opposite to common thought, water should not boil. Indeed, the ideal temperature is 92°C. You can see bubbles forming at the bottom of the recipient.

It is not necessary to let the coffee “settle” after preparation. Try to consume It just after preparing. In case the beverage is filled into a bottle, you’d better consume it within 30 minutes.

It is also recommended not to add sugar. If necessary, a good option is adding cinnamon, which enhances the benefits to health.

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