<strong>How to cleanse plants with coffee</strong>

How to cleanse plants with coffee

Simple and easy hints to keep your plants healthy

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Plants need more attention and care during colder and drier days. And coffee, surprisingly, might also be useful for your garden, as explained at Portal Casa.

Cleaning plants

Have you ever thought of kicking your feet up for some 15 days at the beach, laid down all time, sunbathing, just taking to take some vitamin D?

Obviously, you would have some problems. And you would be full of sand, isn’t it?

The same occurs to plants when they are in a dry and dusty environment. Thus, when some leaves are too dirty, they might have problems with photosynthesis process.

We have good news for you! Coffee may be a cheap and simple solution for this problem.

So, when you notice your plants are full of dust, you must spare some time to cleanse it. See how:

Step by step

1 – Take some coffee grounds, cover it with clean water and rest for at least 1 hour;

2 – Then, add some filtered coffee to this water;

3 – You can also brew some more strong coffee. Let it cool down to room temperature;

4 – Next step, mix it well and soak a porous cloth with the liquid;

5 – Finally, remove the exceeding liquid and use the cloth to carefully cleanse plants with large leaves.

Special care

First and foremost, such cleaning must be carried out in larger and more resistant leaves.

Yet for smaller and more delicate plants, you’d better spray water over the leaves. Thus, it’s important to know whether the species like water directly on the leaves.

In nature, plants are in their ideal habitat. They have the nutrients they need in the soil and they are their leaves, stem and flowers are kept clean by the rain. Though, when we chose to have plants at home, we must care to keep them healthy and happy!